Boilers aim to add heat to the competition

Three new condensing boilers by Rinnai have been launched into the commercial gas-fired marketplace.

The boilers, German-manufactured to high specification in materials, build and components are built to last and offer high quality construction and engineering alongside top of the range energy efficiencies.

The Rinnai Infinity condensing boiler range is available for natural gas and LPG operation and comes with controls maximizing energy efficiencies through class-leading weather compensation technology.

The Rinnai Infinity condensing boilers come in 50kW, 75kW and 100kW versions and are both maintenance and installer friendly. The appliances are accessed from the front and require minimal space for installation, thus helping to reduce cost and time required on site. Some of the units also feature a fully removable pivoting heat exchanger and burner for easy inspection and cleaning.

The boilers also offer a range of ancillary options including pressurisation units, manifold pipework assemblies, mounting frames, heating system separators, boiler and water heater combination packs, ancillary control options, external temperature sensor and advanced boiler controls.