Gilberts throws light on exposed ceiling design

New light is being shed on exposed ceiling design through innovation by air movement specialist, Gilberts Blackpool.

Enabling designers to optimise the trend towards open ceilings and exposed building services in commercial interiors, the company has pioneered an acrylic version of its coanda plate, inset with LED lighting, for use with its range of GS swirl diffusers.

Specifies can choose either a single colour for the LEDs, or an option whereby the colour changes through a preset range.

Gilberts sales director, Ian Rogers, said: “In exposed ceiling ductwork, the coanda plate is key to ensure efficient horizontal dispersal of fresh, incoming air, without ‘dumping’. As the exposed ductwork is an architectural feature, we decided to give designers optimum opportunity to add a new dimension to their plans.”

The backlit coanda can be specified with Gilberts’ range of GSF and GSJ swirl diffusers for exposed ceilings. Both versions feature a patented design of radial vanes to optimise omni directional discharge airflow with natural or mechanical air distribution strategies.