Radiana radient cooling system is officially launched

Radiana is a hidden climate control system suitable for use in new build or refurbishment projects
Radiana is a hidden climate control system suitable for use in new-build or refurbishment projects

Change was in the air at the recent launch of Radiana – a new climate-control product from underfloor heating supplier, WMS, which responds to factors such as body heat to create the ideal indoor environment in residential, commercial and leisure spaces.

Aimed at architects, specifiers and developers, the modular plasterboard ceiling panel system which works via radiant cooling was officially launched at Canary Wharf’s prestigious Pan Peninsula apartments, where the Radiana team has been commissioned to install it in six penthouse properties.

Positioning itself as a healthier, more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, Radiana is installed directly to the ceiling framing in much the same way as traditional plasterboard and controlled via a user app. Totally concealed above the ceiling, Radiana is only visible to onlookers via the use of a thermal imaging infrared camera, while the heat pump in neatly stowed-away in a cupboard.

The hidden system is visible only through a thermal imaging camera

Radiana pre contracts director, Sheldon Cooper, said: “For decades we’ve relied on air conditioning to cool our buildings and while some have challenged this, to date no one has really provided an alternative which packages an entire system. Radiana changes that. It doesn’t dehydrate rooms, it doesn’t move air around circulating germs and it has lower running costs than air conditioning. It also provides a consistent temperature right across a room, maintaining this within a negotiable +/-0.5oC.

“I’m an advocate of Radiana, as you might guess – but it’s because I have it installed in my own home and therefore know how it works to create the perfect living environment. It sets the right temperature, manages humidity levels and improves air quality to provide the end-user with a comfortable, healthy environment in which to live, work or play.”

Radiana is a responsive system, controlled via a user app

Radiana pre contracts manager, Ben Rowells, said: “Radiant cooling is a technology used to cool buildings based on heat absorption through cold surfaces. Hot always travels to cold, so Radiana ceiling panels are made cooler than the rest of the room. When activated via the app, cool water passes through the pipes in the Radiana ceiling panels and absorbs heat from the room. This warmer water is then fed in to a heat pump, chilled and then channelled back around the ceiling until the desired temperature is reached.”

The environmental credentials of Radiana were also highlighted at the launch as consultant, David Brunt, explained: “Radiana provides us with healthy and environmentally friendly way to cool our buildings – so much so that the international Well Building Institute has recognised radiant cooling under its Well v2 standard, promoting the positive impacts of buildings on human health and wellness. Air conditioning has always been considered the default option for temperature control, but with Radiana, we now have an extremely viable and beneficial alternative.”

Sheldon concluded: “By launching Radiana today at Canary Wharf’s fantastic Pan Peninsula apartments we want to introduce this new, intelligent climate control system to architects, developers and specifiers as a new, viable and more sustainable way of managing a building’s internal environment. Whatever the intended end use of a building, be it a hotel, offices, a school or residential, the opportunity for Radiana is simply immense.”

Radiana can be directly fitted to a ceiling frame and no specialist certification is required for its installation. Radiana provides a full design, specification and after-sales service to ensure the system is fully understood, installed and maintained.