BoKlok UK exchange contracts on new land site in Somerset

BoKlok UK Ltd, the home provider, jointly owned by Skanska and IKEA, delivering ‘sustainable homes for the many people’, has acquired a major site in Somerset.

Subject to planning permission, BoKlok are preparing detailed plans which could provide in the region of 350 homes. The site, which is part of Bridgwater Gateway phase 2, is situated to the west of A38 Taunton Road, within North Petherton.

BoKlok is excited to host a consultation process with the local community, regarding the design principles for the wider Bridgwater Gateway Phase 2 site, as well as propose its own recommendations for the site.

All BoKlok homes are completed using Modern Methods of Construction which enables high quality, predictable costs, and minimum waste. The homes are manufactured off-site and feature high quality IKEA fittings. They are then transported to the construction site for assembly.

Dylan May, BoKlok Land and Planning Director said, “We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring more sustainable living whilst providing much needed housing to this area within Somerset.  We are now preparing a planning application, ready to submit in Spring 2022. We are still actively seeking new land opportunities in the south and southwest of England and welcome contact about any new prospects.”

Phil Wade, Development Manager of Bridgwater Gateway said, “We are delighted to work with Boklok as part of the wider Bridgwater Gateway plans that bring forward job creation and inward investment into the area. The sale of this first stage of residential development sets a new benchmark in terms of sustainable design and quality of environment.”

Sustainable features and Modern Methods of Construction give BoKlok homes a key differentiation in the housing market as properties are designed to minimise their day-to-day impact on the environment by using less energy, meaning the costs of heating, and running a BoKlok home are reduced.

Over the lifetime of a BoKlok home a 55% saving of CO₂ is made compared to a traditional house. This is equivalent to living car free for over 30 years.