Bright and smooth tiles can be a sound choice

Apart from being ‘100% recyclable’, the new Dune eVo ceiling tiles from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions offer improved acoustic performance through a new surface with is both bright and smooth.

There is a full mix and match portfolio to give complete acoustic and design flexibility for a variety of applications.

Armstrong has designed the Dune eVo range to give a more modern appearance in building projects, with uniform finish, allowing architects to specify ceilings which are not only sustainable but which can enable modern buildings to achieve a premium aesthetic.

This is particularly important in the design of environments which positively affect occupant health, well-being, and productivity.

The fifth evolution of Armstrong’s popular Dune tile, first launched in 1984, the Dune eVo range follows the Dune Supreme range and has been developed following feedback from customers. The result is a range of attractive and effective ceiling systems, which can be re-used multiple times, taking both the ownership lifecycle and occupancy well-being to new heights.