Checkmate for Knightsbridge development with scaffold sheeting performance

Specialist contractor Keltbray Demolition and Civil Engineering has used the high performance Monarflex Monarsound Acoustic Scaffold Sheeting from Icopal during the demolition and preparatory work on the K1 Knightsbridge development in South West London.

The sheeting minimised disruption to the public by reducing noise and containing dust and particles, as well as ensuring a controlled environment for the team onsite.

The 28,000m2 Knightsbridge development, which replaces the existing mixed-use buildings at the north of the Knightsbridge estate, comprises of luxury apartments and high-end retail units alongside commercial space.

In consultation with BLC Construction Supplies, the Keltbray team selected Monarflex Monarsound Acoustic Sheeting due to the sound reducing properties. The acoustic absorption of Monarsound is provided by specially formulated Polyurethane foam. The five-ply composition of the sheeting also incorporates a weather resistant LDPE co-polymer.

Gareth Acres, K1 Knightsbridge project manager at Keltbray said: “The nature of the work in close proximity to both residential properties and busy shopping areas means that reducing the noise from the site as much as possible is paramount. The Monarsound solution ticked all the boxes, especially in terms of acoustic performance.”