Cleaning agent makes client’s ‘Think Dirty’


Sentinel X800 Fast Acting Cleaner can be used in hot or cold systems (older than six months) and, thanks to its no-foam formula, can be used in powerflushing machines.

The non-acidic cleaning agent targets heavy corrosion that accumulates at the base of radiators, suspended debris that can block waterways and damage components, and rust and scale which forms on radiator walls.

The product has been launched as part of Sentinel’s industry-wide ‘Think Dirty’ campaign, which aims to eradicate dirty circulating water by helping installers to deliver best practice cleaning through the use of cleaning chemicals matched to the age of system and type of corrosion. Sentinel is the only water treatment company to provide installers with a full range of cleaning chemicals.

The new chemical innovations in Sentinel X800 Cleaner include reducing agents to dissolve adhering corrosion crusts and settled debris, and strong complexing agents that help retain dissolved corrosion debris and scale in solution.