Essential, sustainable hygiene

Combining touch-free sensor-controlled taps with the new CONTI+ oXan™ disinfection solutions can give building owners complete reassurance of drinking water hygiene. Our products and services are designed to protect their users from germs, bacteria or the transmission of pathogens at all times. CONTI+ are experts in providing hygienic solutions such as touch-free taps, soap and disinfection dispensers as well as showers, hand dryers and sanitary furnishings.

The launch of CONTI+ oXan™ brings with it a new, sustainable way of thinking about disinfection solutions. One non-toxic and pH neutral system to eliminate bacteria, viruses and pathogens from water systems and pipework, air conditioning systems, complete room disinfection, surface disinfection and even as a hand sanitiser. A smart way to work which is kind to the planet, eliminating harmful ingredients which can end up in our lakes and rivers but also a solution which is safer for the people who are using it.