Grass Concrete hits the roof

Hitting the roof was the obvious next step for Grass Concrete, a company with proven credentials for environmental construction products.

The new Grassroof is an overlay paving system that can be applied to new or existing flat roof structures. Grassroof can be used as an extensive or simple-intensive paving layer, or as a base layer for intensive roof designs.

Grassroof units interlock together and can be laid either directly onto the roof membrane or via a foil-backed polystyrene underlay.

A key element in simplifying the installation is the use with a Regarm moisture retaining blanket. The specification of Regarm will enable the omission of a soil layer, reducing the volume of heavy bulk materials during installation.

Grassroof with a simple “leave and lay” format incorporates sedum turf; no soil is required, and these succulent plants can store moisture. When installed, the lightweight system weighs as little as 4.39kg/m² providing an easy to install and maintain green solution.