Green-up with grass paving

With the demand to ‘green-up’ hard-landscaped areas increasing, grass paving is fast becoming the design option of choice, according to grass paving supplier, Grass Concrete.

The company offers both concrete and plastic varieties of grass permeable paving for parking areas large or small, with Grasscrete and Grassblock featuring ‘a good soil pocket to establish the best possible grass cover’. The permeability of grass paving also addresses drainage issues, as opposed to hard landscaping, which can create excessive run-off.

For high-traffic areas, Grasscrete is cast on-site, providing structural integrity with deep soil pockets to establish the best possible grass coverage. Alternatively, Grassblock is available as a pre-cast option, providing maximum load-bearing capacity.

Grass Concrete recommends Grassroad plastic paving for light traffic applications such as secondary parking on driveways, grass verge hardening and embankments.