Euramax Solutions: the ideal supplier during the garden pod boom

The popularity of garden pods has soared over the past 18 months, and during such a lucrative trading period, having a reliable supplier can make all the difference. Nick Cowley, Managing Director of Euramax Solutions, shares how the company is the ideal choice to help meet this growing demand.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many to re-think their day to day lives, from the way they shop to where they invest – and work culture is no exception.

In March last year, the government instructed the nation to work from home wherever possible, and by the height of the pandemic, according to the Office of National Statistics, around 60% of the UK workforce had followed suit.

But even now that most restrictions have been lifted, and we’re finally heading towards something approaching normality, it seems the trend is here to stay – in fact, 43% of Brits plan to continue working from home either on a part-time or a permanent basis.

And this of course has had a huge impact on the demand for home improvement products.

“The rise of home working has seen thousands of homeowners invest in their properties, and one of the most sought after options has been garden pods” explains Nick Cowley, Managing Director of window and door manufacturer Euramax Solutions.

“If people are working from home, they want working spaces that aren’t just functional, but comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and private. Garden pods are perfect for this, and as a result, our customers report that demand for them is surging.

“But it’s not just a rise in home working that’s triggered a garden pod boom. At the height of lockdown, with not much else to do, people spent more time than ever in their own gardens – and suddenly, improving them moved up their list of priorities. Garden pods offered cost-effective additional living spaces to use as cinema rooms, bars, home gyms, and so much more.”

The ideal supplier

Working from a 205,000 square foot factory in Barnsley, Euramax Solutions is a leading manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors, supplying to the off-site and modular construction market, as well as to major trade counters across the UK, making them an ideal supplier of products suitable for garden pods.

“We’ve managed to develop great working relationships with some of the UK’s biggest trade counter networks in recent years, because they’ve learned they can rely on us to provide quality, reliability, and quick turnaround times,” says Nick.

The company’s products are both cost-effective and perfect for any style of garden pod – their uPVC windows are low-maintenance, energy efficient and secure, and come in a wide range of colours and finishes, while their sliding patio doors and French doors offer great functionality, stunning aesthetics, and reliable security features.

Unique benefits

But it’s not just high-performing products customers can benefit from. With a lean, automotive approach to manufacturing, Euramax Solutions offers significantly shorter lead times compared to their competitors.

Nick concludes: “By coming to us for their uPVC needs, trade counters will really benefit from exceptional quality combined with fast turnaround times and excellent customer service.

“Thanks to our high-quality range of uPVC windows and doors which are quick and easy to install, Euramax Solutions is perfectly set up to tap into the booming garden pod market, helping trade counters across the country make the most of one of the fastest-growing opportunities the window industry currently has to offer.”

For more information, call Euramax on 0330 1340290 or email