Selling a service, not just a product

Managing Director Nick Cowley explains what separates fast-growing modular specialists Euramax Solutions from your average window manufacturer.

In fenestration, differentiating your brand is a challenge. When hundreds of manufacturers are producing tens of thousands of windows and doors every week, how can you stand out from the crowd?

For uPVC window, door, and composite door manufacturer Euramax Solutions, when it came to breaking into the modular market, the answer was simple – not just offering great products, but a cohesive service.

“It’s a cliché, but it’s true. You can have the best product in the world, but if the service you provide with it isn’t up to scratch, then it doesn’t matter,” comments Managing Director Nick Cowley.

“That’s the case in any sector of course, but it’s particularly crucial in modular construction, which, by its very nature, is very demanding in terms of service and its need for efficiency.”

Fortunately, Euramax Solutions’ decades of manufacturing experience in the holiday home market provided the perfect base to build from.

To cope with a production process that was making a holiday home every 20 minutes on multiple production lines, Euramax Solutions manufactured windows and supplied them pre-glazed with quick fix brackets to allow an entire holiday home to be installed in that time.

“Our historic knowledge of the holiday homes market has allowed us to move quickly into modular because it’s essentially the same thing. A holiday home is in many ways based on the same principles of construction and delivery as a simple modular property,” said Nick.

“But we have gone even further in our approach to lean manufacturing to make sure our service is as good as faultless, and we add huge value to the supply chain.

We’re not just offering them products. With just-in-time, lineside delivery that helps them maximise their efficiency, and ensures our windows and doors arrive exactly when needed, we’re offering a service.”


Where Euramax Solutions works differently to other manufacturers is through its approach to lean manufacturing and its just-in-time delivery.

It’s taken an automotive approach to design, production, and delivery to offer better quality products, faster lead times, and an overall better customer experience.

“Constantly improving our service level and manufacturing processes means we can make the perfect product time and time again – something not all window companies can do,” said Nick.

“And by removing complexity from the supply chain, reducing costs in production and increasing productivity, we have been able to help customers meet the challenges they continually face in the modular sector.”

The best advice

Euramax’s highly experienced and knowledgeable team also work closely with clients to ensure they provide them with exactly what they need – something Nick says is vital when it comes to modular.

“The pace of modular construction means things need to be spot on from the very beginning, so we will speak to customers about things they might not have considered, such as barrier regulations, thermal regulations, U-values etc,” explained Nick.

“They also might ask about a particular product that we know will not meet their specification, so we will help them specify the right thing by working with the glass companies and the profile companies.”

Euramax Solutions experience of production processes also mean they provide advice on improving efficiencies and streamlining product ranges. “Thanks to our attention to detail in our production process, we know how important it is to keep lines as simple as possible, and can help with how to best service factories and assembly lines.”

Special delivery

From its state-of-the-art 205,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility in Barnsley, Euramax’s products are delivered in dedicated stillages across the country. This means that they arrived with everything, from the frames and fixtures and fittings, packaged together in one place, making for a quick and easy install.

“Lots of companies deliver products in bulk, which means that when it comes to fitting the window, all the components may not be there, or some may be broken or damaged, which will provide hold ups that modular companies can ill afford.

“Thanks to our just in time, line side delivery, everything is prepared for easy and rapid installation for customers,” said Nick. “And with reduced waste and packaging, we help customers maintain faster, cleaner and safer working environments.

“The drive for Euramax Solutions is to stand out from the crowd by enhancing the customer experience, and helping keep their production lines as simple as possible.”

For more information on Euramax and its work in modular, visit or call 01226 361639.