Flexibility for non-metal applications

The need for effective air movement in clean rooms or high-moisture environments is being met by Waterloo Air Products, UK manufacturers of advanced air movement devices, with its Aircell Polymer range of grilles and diffusers.

While aluminium is commonly used for grilles and diffusers, certain locations require alternative materials to meet strict requirements for sterile working environments, or to remove the risk of rust due to moisture or oxidisation caused by cleaning agents reacting with metal.

It is here that the Aircell Polymer range makes a difference. Injection moulded in self-coloured white engineering polymer, all Aircell products are designed to deliver the same exceptional performance as standard metal devices.

Aircell’s multi-purpose, cost effective air movement devices are particularly suited to chlorinated environments such as swimming pools or leisure centres, or high cleaning regime areas, including hospitals or laboratories. Other potential applications include schools and colleges, kitchens and restaurants, hotels or libraries.

Mat Southgate, product and development manager of Waterloo Air Products, explains: “Expertise in engineering is at the heart of all of our products. It’s then a question of what material to use to manufacture grilles and diffusers. The Aircell range gives customers the flexibility to specify a polymer construction that better suits particular applications.”

The range includes floor and ceiling diffusers, grilles and valves, all of which are class “0” fire rated and designed for ease of installation. All Aircell products can be mounted in ceilings, doors, walls, partitions or floors.