GEZE RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit: safe fire protection, even in difficult installation conditions

With the new RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit, GEZE has further improved the efficiency and reliability of its tried-and-tested early warning technology for smoke and fire: the new telescopic function enables full functionality, even in unfavourable installation situations in the door lintel. The smoke chamber can be extended far enough to bridge overhangs of up to 30 mm.

The RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit is suitable for use in all GEZE hold-open devices.

Effective smoke switch control unit for difficult installation conditions

Smoke switch control units in hold-open systems must always function flawlessly, so that doors can be closed reliably in the event of a fire. Installation conditions are not always ideal for this, especially if new fire protection regulations have to be implemented in existing buildings. With its intelligent new RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit with telescopic function, GEZE demonstrates that this is nevertheless still possible. This flexible, adjustable hold-open system is certified to EN 14637 and authorised in accordance with the Z-6.500-2308 general construction technique permit. The RSZ 7 is compatible with all GEZE hold-open device types, even for swing door drives. The device fits unobtrusively into the spatial situation with an overall height of 30 mm and the typical GEZE design. It is connected to the 230 V power supply system and supplies the connected GEZE hold-open devices reliably with 24 V DC voltage. The installation can be expanded to include additional wired and wireless-based ceiling-mounted smoke detectors and manual trigger switches.

Close fire safety doors safely in case of emergency

The RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit is installed above the active leaf on the perpendicular wall. If the sensors detect fire or smoke, they raise the alarm, and the voltage supply for the hold-open devices (for example, electric hold-open device in the guide rail or hold-open magnet) is interrupted: the doors close immediately.

If necessary, two additional ceiling-mounted detectors may be connected. The integrated smoke switch has an automatic adaptation of the alarm threshold: this offsets light soiling of the smoke chamber and increases the service life of the control unit. The current status of the smoke switch is indicated by a visual signal.

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