Grey is the new way

Leicester Grey Stock is one of the new grey bricks introduced by Ibstock Brick.

Leicester Grey Stock is one of the new grey bricks introduced by Ibstock Brick.

Ibstock Brick has extended its range of grey bricks to meet the growing trend for a contemporary colour palette.

The latest editions to the range: Leicester Grey Stock, Leicester Weathered Grey Stock, Arden Grey and Arden Weathered Grey are manufactured at its Ellistown factory and is said to take its offering to over 20 grey bricks.

The elegant hue of a ‘true grey’ brick – which is reportedly commonly associated with the strong design aesthetic of brick-built buildings in Denmark and the Netherlands – is said to offer an exciting and popular alternative to traditional ‘brown greys’.

Collectively, the four new additions have reportedly already made an impact on sales. Ibstock Brick reported an increased demand across its grey range as more and more architects and specifiers recognise this colour palette for its kerb appeal.

Sarah Holey, marketing manager at Ibstock Brick, said: “The growing demand for a contemporary colour palette has been the driving force for grey bricks. This extended range strikes a balance between consideration for the surrounding area whilst creating a sense of individuality.

“The introduction of additional grey products makes commercial sense and we expect the range to continue to perform well going forward. We’re working with an increasing number of architects and specifiers who are keen to achieve a similar step away from the norm and integrate grey bricks into their projects.”