Hot water heating unit combines efficiency with simplicity

An alternative solution that marries high efficiency and wide ranges of modulation with simplicity of installation and design is the gas fired continuous flow hot water heating unit from Rinnai.

These units can be manifolded into a hot water system capable of coping with virtually any size of site or application. This system is a process of delivering a continuous flow of hot water at a constant temperature, without the need for storage.

Continuous flow will only ever utilise energy whenever heat is needed, such as the turning on of a tap in a washroom or a kitchen. When the units are in operation and heating water – gas is used – when the user is finished, so is the energy usage.

Condensing continuous flow hot water solutions qualify for additional energy efficiency points, boosting building energy performance as they far exceed energy efficiencies called for in Part L Building Regulations (Conservation of fuel and power). The systems are also ‘A’ rated under ErP.

In addition, smart controls can be added to commercial condensing continuous flow systems to boost and govern the performance of the hot water system.