Jablite appoints leading designer for RCI Show stand

EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation products manufacturer Jablite has appointed London designer Michael Sodeau to create its stand at the RCI Show 2017.

As official sponsor of the RCI Show 2017, Jablite aims to create another ‘Show-Stopper’ exhibit to follow on from the success it had with its stand last year: the Jablite Cube.

Michael Sodeau

Michael Sodeau

Michael Sodeau has history of working with EPS; in 2007 he designed a Pavilion made completely from EPS for the 100% Design exhibition. Now ten years on, he is taking on another EPS project.

He commented: “EPS is a fascinating material; it is incredibly versatile and it is 98% air so it is a resource-efficient product.

“That is always a huge surprise to people – and of course it is the air that makes it such an effective insulator.

“EPS is lightweight, and safe to handle, making it very easy to work with; it’s not surprising it is used in film sets all over the world. So I was intrigued by the idea of designing with EPS again.

“Plus, working with the manufacturer – Jablite – to create an exhibition stand that will be completely recycled into new insulation boards after the Show is also a very appealing idea.”