Johnson & Starley’s hi-spec and economaire heaters hand over to the new warm air heating range

In 2013 Johnson & Starley launched its successful range of WarmCair condensing warm air heaters, along with our market leading QuanTec range of boilers that can be connected to our warm air heater emitter range the Aquair. These units are said to be highly efficient, giving customers ‘significant savings’ on running costs and will meet all future eco-design regulation requirements.

What are the benefits of these two condensing options?

The increasingly popular boiler / warm air heat emitter, the QuanTec and Aquair package is said to be a ‘cost effective’ and efficient way of replacing an existing warm air heating system with a wet system boiler and a heat emitter which will reportedly enable you to still utilise the existing warm air ducting via the Aquair.

The Aquair reportedly takes water from the boiler and passes it through a heat exchanger which has a fan blowing across it. This forces the warm air out into the original ducting. The boiler can be sited away from the Aquair making installation easy and if one of the combi boilers are used, you can also do away with the hot water storage tank and save space.

Because all the gas work is contained within the boiler, the gas engineer reportedly does not need to be warm air qualified to install it.

The company says its regional sales management team will be happy to assist engineers on their first warm air installation to familiarise them with the product.

Should you chose to use the flagship model the QuanTec HR28C, you will reportedly be installing the ‘most efficient boiler on the market’, so providing a very cost-effective and efficient heating system for your customer. The QuanTec HR28C is said to have an Integral Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery system all in a standard size combi case. This is also said to mean that you can comply with the new Building Regulations that come out in April 2018 without having to add any other measures such as weather compensation. According to the company, you don’t have to just use a gas boiler either, the Aquair will work equally well with an electric boiler so if you are replacing electric warm air, this could be the ideal solution.

If you want to go with a full condensing warm air heater, then the WarmCair range is said to be the ‘ideal choice’. With heat only options from 19kW up to 46kW in both up and down flow models, there is a replacement for just about every standard efficiency warm air heater. The WarmCair DW range of combined warm air heating and domestic hot water go from 10kW up to 20kW.

The company says it also runs free training courses at its HQ in Northampton, should you wish to attend one.

Reportedly both the warm air options are compatible with the Cleanflow electronic air filtration system, which can remove airborne particles down to 1 micron from the atmosphere, including cigarette smoke.

The company reportedly has many customers who have reported how this has helped with allergies to pollutants such as dust and pollen.