“Keeping things simple”: state-of-the-art sash window has Parts L & F covered

One of Britain’s biggest and most innovative window manufacturers is hitting the market with another cutting-edge product.

An ingenious redesign of Victorian Sliders’ ECOSlide window means it now complies with the requirements of Part L & F.

The upgraded product will deliver U-values of 1.4 and a BFRC Rating of A+14 to meet Part L, and by fitting each window with the maximum number of trickle vents as standard up to 10,000mm2 (EQA), Victorian Sliders are ensuring it will meet Part F too.

The window will be priced at £249, for any size up to 1300mm x 2400mm.

Group Managing Director Steve Winslet comments: “Victorian Sliders were the first UK manufacturer to bring a fixed price PVCu sash window product to the market.

“Now we’re doing it again, with the introduction of a fixed-price sash window that satisfies the latest regulations.

“Installers around the country are crying out for products that help them quickly and easily meet the requirements of Part L and F – and that’s exactly what we’re providing them with.

“Trickle vents can ruin the appearance of a window if they’re implemented poorly, but thanks to an ingenious design by our founder and Group CEO Scot Starkey, this isn’t the case.

“The vents are concealed, meaning the ECOSlide sash window aesthetics are retained.

“We tasked ourselves with helping our customers meet Parts L and F without the fuss, and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved. Job done.”

For more information visit www.victoriansliders.co.uk or call 01269 846200.