Next generation condensate pump

Aspen Pumps, the UK supplier of condensate removal pumps, has launched the next generation of its popular Silent+ Mini Lime pump. The new mini pump is said to offer unrivalled performance, ‘whisper quiet’ operation, simple maintenance, touch control with site-specific commissioning and four-stage-filtration. Featuring anti-vibration pulse damper technology, with patent pending, the new Silent+ Mini Lime boasts quiet operation, making it perfect for offices and meeting rooms.

The pump’s design now features a soft start function, so occupiers will be unaware of the pump gently starting and stopping, offering what Aspen describes as ‘truly quiet’ running. To further reduce noise levels the pump includes a range of sound dampening technology with built-in sound adsorbing materials, including an anti-vibration pulse damper (patent pending) and an anti-vibration mounted motor. Since the Silent+ Mini Lime only pumps when needed, motor noise is reduced, as well as offering cost and energy saving benefits, in addition to a longer motor life. This is all backed up by a new two-year warranty, providing engineers with complete peace of mind from a trusted brand.