No interruption to production

Sikafloor supplied the solution when the owners of a tea processing plant required a new surface installed without interruption to warehouse staff or production.

The warehouse floor had become dilapidated over time due to constant use of heavy machinery and foot traffic. The plant’s owner selected contractor, Thelwell Flooring, to install a new surface which was not only durable enough to withstand the long-term rigours of warehouse activity but also easy to install and fast-curing to ensure production work could continue unencumbered at the plant.

Sikafloor-31 PurCem reportedly possessed all the properties to meet these precise requirements.

Mike Thelwell, director of Thelwell Flooring, said: “Sikafloor-31 PurCem was the only system for this project where speed was of the essence to ensure the refurbishment didn’t interfere with the plant’s production process. It’s extremely easy to install and because it has very low VOC emissions and is solvent-free, it eliminated the risk of tainting food and other edible substances stored within the plant.

“It’s a quality system, and will withstand the long-term use of the sort of heavy traffic you would expect to find in a warehouse environment.”