No pane no gain – tricky London glazing installation gets seal of approval

Designed by architects Bennett’s Associates, One Bedford Avenue replaced two outdated office blocks with highly attractive and energy efficient spaces, with natural light on three sides and spectacular views at the upper levels.

Using a specially designed sliding track system, GLASSOLUTIONS was able to reduce the glass installation footprint for the site, safeguard the installation team from the risks associated with working at height, and advance the speed of the installation at One Bedford Avenue.

Clive Everett, GLASSOLUTIONS’ Design and Technical Director, said: “One Bedford Avenue was a development which presented us with a complex set of constraining parameters, requiring the design team to respond with an innovative and bespoke solution.

“In the end, not only was the installation itself a triumph, but our innovation-led approach to ticking all the project’s boxes had other positive results, such as increasing our rate of installation and enhancing safety.