Partnership formed to combat drink driving

Alcohol safety and training specialist AlcoDigital has agreed a contract with Renault Trucks to showcase and offer alcohol safety devices for their latest range of LCV Master business fleet vehicles.

Called the Draeger Interlock 7000, the safety devices, which can be included as an upgraded extra at the customer’s request, will monitor drivers by requiring them to pass a breathalyzer test before they can start the engine. In the event the driver fails the test, the interlock will automatically disable the vehicle for a pre-specified amount of time set by the company. The device can then request further tests throughout the journey.

Alcohol interlock devices, which are combined with comprehensive rehabilitation programmes, are already required by law to be fitted to the vehicles of convicted drink drive offenders in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Sweden and, most recently, Poland.

If provided separately, the current retail price is around £1,500 + VAT before fitting. However, Renault customers who wish to upgrade their fleet to include the AlcoDigital Interlock will be offered a significant discount as part of this initiative.

Suzannah Robin, who has been an alcohol and drug safety expert at AlcoDigital for over 14years, said: “We are delighted to be working with Renault Trucks to help improve road safety and reduce drink-drive related deaths.”

Grahame Neagus, Head of LCV UK & Eire for Renault Trucks, added: “Fitting the Draeger Interlock system is a vital part of not only the new OptiLogistics model but also being able to offer our clients a fully optimised solution that fully supports our stance on providing products that are pushing the boundaries in compliance and safety in road transport.

“We are excited about the launch of this combination of the new Renault Trucks Master van and the Draeger Interlock at Freight in the City, where it is hoped the reaction from operators will be very positive. We look forward to working with AlcoDigital on this project moving forward.”