Preserving life of hot water systems

With limescale being a major contributor to a loss of efficiencies for water heating systems of any type – Rinnai has incorporated a limescale inhibitor that will significantly reduce the impact of limescale, maximising the product’s lifespan.

Rinnai has teamed up with electrolytic in line inhibitors to maximise system efficiency on its range of A rated commercial water heaters.

This electrolytic scale inhibitor kit is for commercial hot water systems. Independently tested, it is a low-maintenance way to protect against the damaging and expensive impact of limescale on hot water systems.

Rinnai has recently supplied its system efficiency systems for London-based SGA Consulting and Mechanical Engineer of SGA Vivek Devan said: “The Rinnai units are compact and their smaller footprint both physically and environmentally made them a good choice here. The scale inhibitor technology was also a factor.”

The scale protection units are available in a variety of pipe sizes – large 67mm, 76mm and 108mm; medium 28mm, 35mm, 42mm and 54mm; and small 22mm.