Reflecting well with customers as window sales increase

Record sales of Carl F Groupco’s UNI reversible window hardware, manufactured by Roto/Peder Nielsen are expected to carry on through 2017.

The main market for the gearing, supplied solely to the UK by Carl F Groupco, is Scotland but growth has also been seen in England, Ireland and Wales.

Julie Warner, Carl F Groupco’s Product Manager said: “The UNI range, including the Top Swing, Top and Side Hung gearing, has been designed for full flexibility. Frame and sash groove details are the same across the UNI range, which means that any of the solutions can be fitted to ensure a uniform aesthetic appearance on all window styles across aluminium, PVC-U and timber profiles.

“The full UNI range is also capable of achieving emergency escape – providing all relevant building regulations are met.”

The gearing is ideal for multi-storey public and commercial buildings, including hotels and is equally suitable for high-rise domestic applications.

The gearing is supplied with an integral child restrictor and reverse catch as standard, which ensures safe operation when cleaning the window from the inside.