Shining light on a centre of excellence

The Foyle Arena in Derry uses large areas of Kalwall for the pool area and sports hall elevations in order to minimise glare and maximise natural daylight.

During the day, the Kalwall is said to enhance daylight and distribute it internally without shadows and glare, while at night it creates a welcoming glow with scallop-shaped backlighting. The unique ability to transmit large amounts of usable light with relatively low levels of solar heat gain means less radiant energy transmitted and this, coupled with diffusion, does away with the hot spots and glare. With increased natural daylight and resistance to solar gain, energy-consuming artificial lighting and air-conditioning costs are dramatically reduced.

Kalwall is reportedly highly resistant to impact, making it excellent for use in schools, leisure facilities, gymnasia, offices and other public buildings.

Glare on a swimming pool surface is a common concern with dazzling rippled sunlight bouncing off the surface which can cause discomfort to swimmers. In addition, it can be a serious safety concern as lifeguards can struggle to see swimmers should they be in need of assistance. In sports halls, it is also important that there is an even distribution of light so that players can distinguish markings on the floor as well as easily spotting balls and other obstacles.

Kalwall is reportedly a popular choice for projects where performance, long lifecycle and low maintenance are required, coupled with an aesthetic finish. The lightweight system is said to reduce the need for supporting structures while offering the highest protection in terms of wind-borne debris and resistance to impact, abrasion and point loads.