Start experiencing the benefits of soft water

With a DualFlo Water Softener, you can sleep easy knowing your investment is in safe hands. Whether you’re in the architecture, construction, social housing, or self-build sector, a DualFlo Water Softener will save you money, keep appliances running efficiently and staying cleaner for longer with less limescale!

Did you know?

A Dualflo Water Softener is really easy to install; it’s fitted to the mains water supply which is normally under the kitchen sink, so installation couldn’t be easier.

No Maintenance

A Dualflo Water Softener doesn’t need any yearly maintenance or start up programming due to it’s simple, non-electric design and high-quality parts. With a life expectancy of 25 years, your Dualflo will keep your investment looking new and save you money for years to come! For more information, click here