Collaborating for quality: how Windowlink software helps Droylsden deliver

Even the most established and respected businesses can benefit from innovative technology.

The best results, in fact, often come when an already outstanding company uses tried-and-tested software to push the envelope even further, and offer a superb level of service that their competitors can’t match.

That’s true in any field – but especially so in the increasingly competitive world of home improvement, where first impressions matter hugely, and success or failure hinge on the impact of that first sales pitch.

For companies like Droylsden Glass, a trusted name in the industry since 1982, creating a seamless and visually impactful sales experience is paramount.

That’s what led them to Windowlink – and the innovative software tools that help them streamline processes and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

A wealth of experience

Even without software, Droylsden bring a wealth of experience and award-winning service to the table.

They’re committed to providing high-quality home improvement products, from windows and doors to conservatories and porches, all backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Their focus on customer satisfaction is evident in their no-pressure sales approach and commitment to using highly-skilled professionals for installations.

However, to complement this excellence, Droylsden use the power of Windowlink’s Focus and Vector software to streamline customer interactions from initial enquiry right through to final installation.

Streamlining sales with Focus and Vector

Focus and Vector go beyond simple product configuration and quotation generation.

They provide a user-friendly interface where homeowners can experiment with various window and door styles, materials, and colours – allowing them to virtually customise their dream products within the software.

Then, the software shows them what these products will look like in real life.

Gone are the days of static diagrams and guesswork – Focus and Vector bring designs to life with 3D visualisations. These high-quality visuals allow homeowners to see exactly how new windows or doors will integrate with their existing architecture, enhancing curb appeal and overall aesthetic.

What’s more, Focus and Vector eliminate the need for manual calculations with their built-in pricing engine. Droylsden can configure quotes quickly and efficiently, ensuring accurate pricing based on chosen options and product configurations.

This translates into faster turnaround times and a more professional presentation for potential clients.

A perfect partnership

However, Droylsden’s commitment to quality extends far beyond software. Their exceptional service is evident in their team of highly qualified surveyors and supervisors, each holding NVQ qualifications and CSCS cards.

This ensures a meticulous installation process that delivers on the promises made during the initial consultation.

“Droylsden prioritise quality in every aspect of their business,” says Mark Dudley, Managing Director of Windowlink, ”

“We’re thrilled to see how our software has empowered them to streamline their sales process and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

“It’s the perfect example of an exceptional company using tried-and-tested software to deliver even greater results for their customers.”

Kevin Thackeray, Managing Director of Droylsden Glass, comments: “We’ve used Focus and Vector for several years now.

“In addition to offering a great visual aid during the selling process, we also use the pricing engine, which has been an invaluable tool for us.

“With Windowlink, the big advantage is that they can make bespoke amendments to the software, tailoring it to our needs.

“Windowlink have been a great benefit to our business, and we highly recommend them.”

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