Vanquish celebrates record year

Vanquish Hardware Protection is celebrating a record year in what has been an outstanding 2023 for the leading UK manufacturer of precision intumescent kits for rebated hardware in timber fire door assemblies, in what has been a tough market.

Having started 2023 with a record January, Vanquish also finished the year strongly, with a huge amount of investment to put the business in an even stronger position over the next 12 months.

Vanquish work with some of the biggest hardware manufacturers in the sector, including Zoo, Carlisle Brass and Winkhaus, supplying them with bespoke intumescent kits and supporting them throughout fire testing of new products, and last year secured IFC (international fire consultants Ltd) third party certification for both its hardware protection products – FlexiFire® graphite-based and Fire Protectors phosphate-based intumescent.

Mike Sutcliffe, Vanquish’s Business Development Manager, said: “The last 12 to 18 months has been busy and posting a record year shows that we’ve managed to continue to lead the way through a challenging year for the industry.

“The third party accreditation, which was an industry first, has been a game changer, and we hope that the investment we have made in the last six months, alongside our products and service will set things up for an even better 2024.”

Investment in its manufacturing processes and new state-of-the-art machinery at its headquarters in Salisbury will enhance efficiency and quality further, and Mike added: “When our investments are in place next month, we will have everything set up to push on and take more control of our supply chain, have the capacity to expand into new markets, and continue to grow our reputation as market leaders.”

All hardware installed on fire doors must be fitted without compromising the integrity of the assembly and this is critical where hardware, such as hinges, locks and latches, flush bolts, door controls and letterplates, is rebated into the doorset.

Adding intumescent protection greatly reduces the rate at which heat transfers through the door, with FlexiFire® and Fire Protectors expanding upon exposure to heat, preventing heat transfer on rebated hardware and sealing voids created during the rebating process.

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