The pub that Festool tools built

Festool tools have been used to help create an off-grid ‘pop-up’ pub, working in collaboration with UK Architecture and design agency, New British Design (NBD).

The Cornwall-based project, which is powered solely through hydro and solar technology, incorporates a ‘low-impact’ cabin structure, created from a pared down material palate of wood, tin and polycarbonate, using only locally sourced products.

Without the use of electricity in such a remote location, the project required equipment that was both mobile and efficient, and Festool says it provided the ideal solution.

The Festool drills used on the project, including the T18 and C18, benefit from premium battery durability which was perfect for the 12-hour work days on-site. They also
feature brushless EC-TEC motor technology, making them light without compromising on power, perfect for users in any location.

Ben Huggins, architect and designer founder of New British Design, said: “I’ve trialled all the professional grade tool brands over the years and Festool has consistently stood out as the best.

“We needed to exploit the options available to us through the cordless range, beyond just drills and drivers. The unique cabin was an off-grid project, and needed an off-grid solution”.

A key tool for the project was Festool’s TSC 55 plunge cut saw. “Being able to accurately re-dimension timber sections on-site proved invaluable, and there was little it couldn’t handle,” added Ben.

With 5200 revolutions per minute and a 2.2mm standard saw blade, the TSC 55 provided the necessary precision needed, while maintaining a powerful cutting capacity. The quick acting break and guide wedge are also said to have offered ‘essential safety’ to users.

Festool’s commitment to the heath of trade professionals was also demonstrated on-site, with the new Eccentric Sander ETSC connected to a dust extractor to keep the working environment clear of harmful dust whilst the tool is in use. Dust extraction is an integral element of the Festool system, with all products ergonomically designed to work together to provide a comfortable and efficient environment, as well as a high-quality finish.

“The Festool range is made up of professional tools designed and built to deliver outstanding results,” concluded Ben. “With their unique value proposition of being the go-to premium tool brand, the decision of New British Design and other professionals to pay extra for quality and precision is well justified.”