The sliding solution that lets the light in and the smoke out

Bilco SKY-1M

Bilco SKY-1M

Combining the benefits of a skylight with the performance and certification of a natural smoke and heat and exhaust ventilator, the SKY-1M from Bilco is an ideal solution for situations where a smoke vent is required, but the project also calls for allowing natural light into a stairwell.

With an internal dimension of 1000mm x 1500mm, the SKY-1M is a fully tested CE marked product giving a 1m² clear vent area. Manufactured with a white PPC finish for all PVC and metal profiles, the SKY-1M has a sliding cover which opens to the fire open position within 60 seconds and comprises a double layer thermoformed polycarbonate dome (tested for impact resistance to EN 1873 Class SB1200) assembled on a fully welded PVC frame in which a double layer security glass (classified 2(B02 according to EN 12600:2004) has been inserted. The cover also features an extruded EPDM rubber gasket to ensure a continuous seal when compressed in the front and in the back of the vent. The curb is 250mm in height and is manufactured in a double layer (internal and external) polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass and is also supplied with a 150mm flange with pre-drilled 9mm holes for easy installation to the roof deck/upstand.

The vent is operated through a 24V DC battery backed control system that opens the vent within 60 seconds using a single rotating actuator mounted on a sliding carriage. In terms of performance, the SKY-1M has a U-value of 1.02 W/m²K and is fully weathertight.

In addition to offering a stylish solution to smoke ventilation and natural light requirements, the SKY-1M can also be used in a situation where a powered access solution is required. If it is being used as a smoke vent, the product can use a fixed vertical ladder to provide occasional access to the roof area for maintenance etc. For use as a powered access hatch only, the product is available as SKY-ACCESS which is capable of being used with a variety of ladder access including companionway or retractable ladders. The standard size for the new product is 1000mm x 1500mm internal and 1300mm x 1800mm external, however if required, we can manufacture special sizes to meet your project needs.