Two hotels feel the heat with boiler systems

County Durham based MPUK Mechanical Services has recently installed several BoilerMag XL commercial boiler filters in two large hotels in the UK.

The company was faced with two four year old 150kW boilers at a hotel in York, one of which had failed completely, and the other extremely inefficient and due to fail imminently. Both boilers were completely full of black sludge that had built up over a number of years as a result of being connected to the old heating system. Two brand new boilers were fitted, including two BoilerMag XLs.

At the other in Edinburgh, MPUK installed a BoilerMag XL on a new 60kW boiler, housed in a boiler room and connected to a towel radiator circuit heating 40 of the hotel’s en-suite bathrooms.

Wayne Peel, MPUK Heating and Gas Director said: “ The BoilerMag XL are a very well made, solid unit, and you can feel the quality when unpacking them from the box. They are also very straight forward to install and reasonably priced.”

Plumbing and Renewables Director Alex McAlinden added: “The BoilerMag XLs are easy to maintain and give installers and customers the assurance that their plant room boilers will be running at their full capacity under heavy use.”