Why should professional builders choose to buy from online merchants?

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Steve Davidson at U-PRO, a handy e-tailer of trade tools and supplies, explains the distinct advantages of online merchants, which offer enhanced support and access to a wider selection of products.

As a builder or construction worker, your trade tools are fundamental to delivering high-quality work that’s on time and to budget.

Many builders have a preferred bricks and mortar merchant that they visit regularly to get their supplies, but this can mean missing out on the cost savings, greater access to a wider range of products and, quite often, exclusive discounts that online merchants have to offer.

Enhanced customer experience

Contrary to what you may think, online trade shopping tends to be more personalised and tailored to specific customer needs. From placing an order and receiving the goods to the post-purchase service, customers are kept updated, informed and reassured at every stage of the shopping journey.

Online retailers often provide enhanced services to deliver a fully inclusive and comprehensive customer experience. For example, you can open an account with e-tailers to manage your choices, purchases and preferences without needing to visit a physical store. Customers are given options to generate quick buys, re-order regularly bought items and an ability to view credit limits and terms if a credit facility is offered.

For example, at U-PRO, we provide the U-SUBSCRIBE service. This enables customers to receive recurrent orders which help them save time and money as they get a discount on every order.

Purchasing advice and support

The right advice and support when buying supplies is vital. Many online trade retailers provide a chat function where customer service teams are on hand to share product knowledge and provide guidance to help customers make a decision. They also deal with any technical issues should they arise – and this can all be done via your phone or tablet.

Another key benefit of shopping for your trade tools and supplies online is the highly personalised content e-tailers can provide to customers. From exclusive offers and promotions to pricing throughout the customer journey, useful information is constantly provided each and every time you visit the merchant’s website.

As a professional builder or construction worker, we know you’ll be keen to be kept informed on latest industry trends and innovations. Some online merchants have a blog section on their website that offers advice on a wide range of building topics. Topics include advice on what sealant to choose, for example, or what tools are best for which environments and more. Lots of builders find this incredibly helpful when choosing what supplies to buy for their next job.

Online trade retailers also provide updates and helpful information about the industry and tools or supplies you may need. Often, they’ll provide regular e-newsletters that are trade-specific. This means, as a builder or construction worker, you can sign up to a newsletter that keeps you updated on new tools, exclusive discounts, and other handy tips and advice that help you in your job.

Supporting the next generation of builders

It’s vital that the construction industry supports young talent as much as possible, offering them assistance and opening doors to progression whenever they can. At U-PRO, we are advocates of equipping young people with the tools they need to excel at work and are committed to supporting the next generation of professional tradespeople as much as possible. That’s why we offer a bespoke apprentice trade account for those aged over 16, where apprentice tradespeople receive a 10% discount on all products.

Whatever your building or construction needs, buying your tools online is always a wise choice. With cost savings, enhanced customer service and exclusive deals, why not try an online merchant the next time you decide to refresh your tool bag? It’s definitely worth checking online before heading to the store.