A versatile fire protection solution

Universal Wrap Drywall

Universal Wrap Drywall

Seeking to continually provide fire protection solutions, which meet high standards of quality, stand up to challenging requirements and also offer easy on-site installation, PFC Corofil is pleased to introduce PFC Universal Wrap to the market.

The multi application material, comprising an intumescent composition based on elastomeric thermoplastic polymers and binders, provides a versatile solution for apertures containing plastic and metallic insulated and non insulated pipes, offering up to 2 hours fire protection.

Available in 25m rolls and easy to install, PFC Universal Wrap provides consistent protection by wrapping multiple layers around each size of pipe penetration to provide high volume expansion and pressure seal. In the event of a fire, as the differing plastics soften in the heat, PFC Universal Wrap expands to close off the void left by the pipe, helping to contain the spread of the fire.

PFC’s newest product, which has been tested to EN 1366-3 2009, is CE marked and suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Patress coated panel systems through drywall (wrap in a batt)
  • Various thicknesses and densities of insulated pipework
  • Installation directly into drywall
  • Masonry floors
  • One product fits pipe sizes up to a 250mm diameter

Describing PFC Corofil’s brand new fire protection solution, Business Director Calum Irvine commented: We’re very excited to introduce this new product to our range. PFC Universal Wrap further demonstrates our commitment to providing versatile fire protection materials, able to meet the demands of building and fire regulations and providing the contractor with easy to install solutions that deliver quality and peace of mind.”