Armorgard launches revamped CuttingStation

Armorgard has announced several enhancements to its CuttingStation construction equipment. Integral to the revamped CuttingStation SS7, which replaces the SS3, are ‘substantial and wide-ranging’ design updates, including an extendable back to cater for carpenters with mitre saws.

Armorgard managing director, Terry Mitchell, said: “The SS7 is safer, more user-friendly and easier to use than before, which is really saying something. What we have now sets a new standard for on-site safety.”

The new CuttingStation is said to ‘tick many safety boxes’ including the further reduction of worker exposure to dust and noise; reduction of hand-arm-vibration; reduction to risk of back injury and reduction in risk of injury because of cutting and manual handling. The company also asserts overall productivity and usability has been improved. The overhead work light has been moved to a better position, and the collector hopper – with dust extractor connection – is wider to give better waste collection.