Automated system delivers results

As part of its drive to improve customer service, Aliaxis has invested £150K in an automated voice picking system within its warehouses, which has significantly modernised order fulfilment.

The computer-based system has been designed to improve accuracy by building quality checks into each step of the order delivery process – and this full visibility across the entire fulfilment journey means errors have been substantially reduced.

Tom Hamlyn, logistics manager at Aliaxis, explains: “Following feedback that some customers were receiving inaccurate deliveries, we decided that a fully automated system was the most astute way to improve our service.

“Along with a new electronic labelling system, the voice picking system has noticeably streamlined processes in the warehouse.”

Replacing the previous paper trail method, the voice picking system provides instructions to warehouse operatives through headsets, asking them to check off information using a barcode scanner.

Following a stepped introduction, the voice picking system is now fully operational and the company is working on Phase 2, which will introduce additional functionality to track packages as they are delivered and capture customer receipt signatures.