Award-winning underfloor heating system installers can rely on this heating season

What: ThermoSphere Ultimate® is an award-winning electric underfloor heating cable with guaranteed reliability and the first and only cable to combine TwistedTwin construction and in-line joint technology, making it the strongest and most robust cable on the market.

Who: ThermoSphere, a leading British-based electrical heating manufacturer, has been using its technical expertise to drive innovation for over 25 years.

Why: In the electric underfloor heating installation, most faults occur at the connection or ‘joint’ where the hot underfloor cable meets the cold cable running to the thermostat. These joints are typically crimped or soldered and then heat shrink-wrapped, making them three times thicker than the cable. Their bulky size forces installers to carve holes into the subfloor, insulation, and membrane mats using sharp blades and even grinders.

ThermoSphere Ultimate®drastically improves installation time and removes all these issues installers currently face:

  • cable failure due to the high risk of damaging the cable
  • compromising the waterproofing layer and membrane mat guarantee
  • overheating and cable failure because the holes don’t carry away heat
  • damage to reputation with customers
  • loss of time and money to revisit, replace and repair installations.

How: ThermoSphere has incorporated the hot-to-cold joint connections into the primary manufacturing process, creating invisible joints and a reliable, award-winning cable that’s uniform in thickness from end to end

ThermoSphere Ultimate®offers many benefits to installers and merchants:

  • A one-step cable installation saves time and effort and speeds up and simplifies the installation process.
  • Prevents cable damage during installation and stops cable failure by removing the number one fault in underfloor heating installations.
  • Helps to preserve the waterproofing layer of the decoupling membrane.
  • Allows for quick quality workmanship with an automatically flush finish ready for tiling.
  • Compatible with all membranes on the market so installers can rely on trusted products.
  • Reduces environmental impact and waste to dispose of. There is no plastic, so the reel is recyclable and compostable.
  • Comes in four cable lengths so installers can reduce the number of multi-cable installations.

If the cable fails in the first 12 months due to manufacturing, ThermoSphere will replace the system and flooring*. The guarantee means merchants and installers never need to worry about damage or dead stock.

Where: For more information on cable specifications, pricing and to get your hands on ThermoSphere Ultimate® visit