Introducing SuDSPod: GreenBlue Urban’s Revolutionary Solution for Sustainable Stormwater Management

Introducing SuDSPod: GreenBlue Urban’s Revolutionary Solution for Sustainable Stormwater Management

GreenBlue Urban is proud to announce the launch of SuDSPod, a groundbreaking and cost-effective solution that addresses a multitude of challenges associated with stormwater management.

Traditional stormwater management solutions have often fallen short in meeting the evolving demands of urban development and environmental conservation. SuDSPod represents a remarkable leap forward, introducing a versatile and advanced approach to stormwater attenuation that not only benefits new developments but can also be SuDSPod offers an innovative approach to on-plot attenuation, delivering unparalleled performance while tackling issues such as peak flow rates from roofs, complex designs, and combined sewer overflow (CSO) overspills. Seamlessly retrofitted to existing private, public housing, and service buildings.

The cornerstone of SuDSPod’s success lies in its patented design, which redefines the concept of drain-down vessels for stormwater management. This next-generation vessel boasts industry-leading attenuation performance, surpassing even its own storage volume by up to three times in certain scenarios. This innovation ensures that stormwater can be effectively managed even in the face of rapidly changing weather patterns and intensifying rainfall events.

What sets SuDSPod apart is its unwavering commitment to simplicity, effectiveness, and adaptability. By adhering to the four pillars of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) as outlined in the CIRIA SuDS Manual Guidance, SuDSPod provides a comprehensive solution that embraces water management principles without compromising on performance. This revolutionary system harmonises the natural environment with urban infrastructure, paving the way for enhanced flood resilience, improved water quality, and heightened sustainability.

SuDSPod how it works

“The launch of SuDSPod marks a pivotal moment in stormwater management,” said Roy Bowie, Managing Director at GreenBlue Urban.

“Our team has poured their expertise and dedication into creating a solution that not only meets the challenges of today but also anticipates the demands of tomorrow. With its innovative design and unmatched performance, SuDSPod is set to transform the landscape of drainage systems and usher in a new era of sustainable urban development.”

GreenBlue Urban invites developers, urban planners, and environmental stewards to explore the limitless possibilities of SuDSPod and witness firsthand its transformative impact on stormwater management. Together, we can build cities that thrive, while safeguarding our environment for generations to come.

The live launch will be taking place at the Flood & Water Management exhibition taking place at the NEC in Birmingham on 13th-14th September, Visit us on stand FD-E40 for a demo and data review on how on plot SuDS saves space and money.

For more information about SuDSPod and its revolutionary capabilities, please visit or contact

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