REHAU Sewer Pipe Systems Awarded Gold Classification

REHAU reaffirms its pioneering role in sustainable civil engineering – its AWADUKT PP sewer pipe systems have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold classification for the fourth consecutive time.

This certification confirms the company’s consistent commitment to recyclable construction materials. It gives local authorities, planners, and developers vital evidence of their investment in sustainable infrastructure.

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in civil engineering. The polymer manufacturer is the first company on the market to consistently rely on closed material cycles in accordance with Cradle to Cradle Certified®, resulting in its AWADUKT PP SN 10/HPP SN 16 sewer pipe systems being awarded Gold for the fourth time.

AWADUKT PP SN10 heavy duty sewer pipe

During the re-certification, both its products and its production facility in Viechtach, as well as the REHAU Management System, were thoroughly tested in the five Cradle to Cradle categories: material health, product circularity, clean air and climate protection, water and soil stewardship and social fairness.


Certified sustainable

The high classification shows that AWADUKT PP sewer pipe systems boast outstanding technology, sustainability, and recyclability. For customers, it is tangible evidence that sustainability goals are also being met in civil engineering. This applies to the use of materials that are suitable for the circular economy as well as to the use of green electricity in production and social responsibility in the supply chain.

Improved ratings

The Gold classification for AWADUKT PP SN 10/HPP SN 16 sewer pipe systems is the result of its individual ratings in the five Cradle to Cradle categories, with four levels of achievement, ranging from Bronze to Platinum. REHAU has achieved four Gold and one Platinum classifications – the overall rating is determined by the lowest achievement level in all five categories. Compared to its certification two years ago, further improvements have been made.AWADUKT PP SN16 heavy duty sewer pipe

Some examples

Once the elastomer seals have been removed, the materials in the AWADUKT PP sewer pipe systems are 100% recyclable. Since its previous certification, REHAU has developed the concept of a return for offcuts on building sites and for dismantled pipes.

AWADUKT PP SN 10/HPP SN 16 sewer pipe systems are now produced using 100% renewable energies, up from 60% two years ago. In addition, at least 50% of the COemissions that occur during internal transportation are offset by supporting verified climate protection projects, such as the expansion of wind power in Brazil.

At the Viechtach production site, the responsible use of water is firmly embedded in the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. Water consumption has been reduced by around 16% in the last two years.

Thomas Graf, Head of the Water Infrastructure subdivision, comments: “The sustainability of our company and products is one of the REHAU Group’s principal strategic goals.

“This Gold certificate is further confirmation of this and clearly demonstrates our commitment to our partners and customers.”

About Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle is a design principle that was developed in the 1990s by chemist Prof Michael Braungart and architect William McDonough. It describes a closed-loop economy rather than a traditional, linear economy in which products are disposed of at the end of their useful life. The model for Cradle to Cradle is nature itself, where all substances are retained in a continuous technical or biological cycle.