BBA tests set to become even tougher

Test experts at the British Board of Agrément (BBA) are said to be making full use of their new Instron universal testing machine to pull, squeeze, twist, bend and tension building products under assessment, including those for the roofing, cladding and housebuilding, highways/car parking and civil engineering industries.

The new load frame equipment is said to be an upgrade to the BBA’s previous machine, offering an additional test space, a widened scope of products to be tested thanks to an increased load capacity from 100kN to 250kN, greater levels of accuracy and stability and the latest Bluehill Universal software.

Mike Beale, BBA test contracts manager, said: “The new Instron machine can test more than 30 product types, from insulation to membranes, resins, moulded plastics including pipes and window frames to waterproofing systems. It’s a crucial piece of equipment that is in virtually constant use tensioning, flexing, compressing, peeling and shearing products. It is a great asset that is perfect for supporting our clients’ needs. We will continue to invest in new test fixtures to maximize the possibilities of this state-of-the-art equipment.”