British Gypsum cements its offering

British Gypsum says it has updated Gyproc joint cement with a ‘new and improved’ version: Gyproc QuickSand joint cement.

According to British Gypsum, the latest product has a range of benefits over its predecessor, achieving a better finish in a quicker time when taping and jointing.

Gyproc QuickSand joint cement is an air-drying jointing material that is said to offer the perfect balance of strength and sandability, resulting in smooth, strong, ready-to-paint joints. According to British Gypsum, the product is easier to sand (to a fine finish) than Gyproc joint cement for hand or mechanical application at all jointing stages, enabling faster installation and therefore, less time spent on-site.

The jointing compound can be applied as a smooth finish requiring only a light sanding before decorating, reducing the release of dust particles in the air for the installer to breathe in.

In a move designed to give better value for installers, British Gypsum has increased the size of its standard bag from 22.5kg to 25kg which means that a single bag can now cover up to 80m2 of board.

Jeremy Simons, product manager at British Gypsum, said: “We’re delighted to bring Gyproc QuickSand joint cement to market in response to increasing customer demand for products that create sturdy joints fast. As a replacement to Gyproc joint cement, this new product provides strong adhesion to ensure sturdy joints with the added benefit of ease of sanding – so joints can be finished with minimal effort. We’re fully confident that users will find that it helps significantly in finishing jobs quicker.”