BRUFMA gets a new name

BRUFMA (the British Rigid Urethane Foam Manufacturers Association) has unveiled its new name – Insulation Manufacturers Association. A response to create clarity within the marketplace, the new name reflects the critical role the organisation plays in representing a key component in the built environment.

BRUFMA has announced a change of its name to Insulation Manufacturers Association with immediate effect. The new name reflects the position that PIR and PUR insulation manufacturers hold in providing the largest share of insulation products used in the UK market. With a growing need for ever greater energy performance and thermal efficiency across all buildings, this share of the market is expected to keep on growing and therefore the Trade Association has a responsibility to ensure it is the principal point of contact for all audiences relevant to this sector with a name that reflects this responsibility.

Simon Storer, chief executive of IMA said; “BRUFMA as a name has served the industry extremely well over the years, especially on technical and industry matters and this of course, will not change.

“However, the membership agreed that the Association now needed to build on this well-established foundation, move away from predominantly inward facing activity and extend its reach and influence to a wider and more diverse external target audience, which is not necessarily steeped in technical or industry language.

“Events of this year certainly brought this need into sharp focus, as many commentators and other interested parties were unable to immediately identify which trade association spoke for which part of the industry. We also wanted to be sure that as an Association we are solely responsible for and have ownership of the messages coming from this sector.

“With a name that enables everyone to understand exactly who we are and what we do, it gives the recognition that we spe ak for the largest part of the insulation market. We are setting out to develop and expand our policy, communications and public affairs activity, to support the Association’s technical and scientific work.

“At IMA we are very excited as we start a new chapter in the Association’s life, of representing our members, including all the manufacturers of PIR and PUR in the UK and Ireland, as well as all those across the supply chain including chemical and ancillary suppliers.

“There is a very important job to be done with regards to ensuring buildings in the UK meet their design specification. We have a large part to play in this and changing our name to Insulation Manufacturers Association is one step in fulfilling this longer-term objective.”