Centor launches new 345 folding door

Centor is launching a new folding door that’s intended to provide the perfect contemporary finish for modern homes. Taking elements from award-winning Centor Integrated Doors, and adding some new innovations, the 345 Folding Door is said to be visibly different – from the inside looking out, all hardware is concealed so there are no visual distractions to the views beyond.

Centor’s 345 Folding Doors feature the same panels and concealed hardware as its 405 Integrated contemporaries but with a smaller frame, like a standard folding door.

The new Access AutoLatchTM is said to be a key differentiator for Centor 345 folding doors. This concealed lever replaces the traditional interior door handle and is hidden from view in the door stile. The lever is simply lifted to open the doors from the inside. On the exterior, a slimline vertical pull-handle allows panels to be opened with ease.