Constructing Excellence South West is a true investment, according to longstanding member

New figures that reveal the number of administrations in the construction industry increased in July show that more needs to be done to support the future of the industry.

The spike in company insolvencies, ongoing supply chain issues, skills shortages and, the climate crisis may encourage proactive organisations, operating in this sector, to step up and drive positive change throughout the industry.

One organisation in particular that is charged with improving performance to create a better-built environment is Constructing Excellence South West (CESW). Operating in the South West region, this cross-sector, cross-supply chain member-led organisation operates for the good of the industry and its stakeholders.

Andrew Carpenter, CEO of Constructing Excellence South West, said: “The best way to tackle ongoing issues, influence change in the sector, and make a real difference is through cross-sector collaboration across all levels of the supply chain – and Constructing Excellence South West is designed to do just this.

“From offering practical support and creating opportunities to network with like-minded people from the sector, our membership guarantees a host of benefits to professionals within this industry.”

With over 200 South West members, CESW is well-established among the key players working in the region.

Emma Osmundsen, Managing Director of Exeter City Living, is a longstanding member of CESW and currently sits on the board. She said: “I was initially interested in being a member of CESW because the organisation offered such a varied and interesting agenda of activities, events, and conferences across both construction and development.

“As I became more involved with CESW and its invaluable networking opportunities, I soon realised how being a member has helped to widen my professional network and broaden my knowledge of the industry.

“As a member, not only have I been given the chance to join the regional board but I’ve also helped to influence the policy and direction of construction in the UK – contributing to how the industry becomes more diverse, skilled, and sustainable.

“I would certainly recommend becoming a CESW member because it’s a true investment for both individuals working in the built environment and for the future excellence of the industry as a whole.”

Sharing best practice, transferring knowledge, improving overall understanding of key construction principles and objectives, and accessing bespoke tools and techniques are just some of the benefits of being a CESW member.

Exclusive seminars, workshops, and conferences are also offered, at discounted rates, to Constructing Excellence South West members, creating opportunities for people to share valuable experience and insight while continuing to learn and develop.

“Constructing Excellence South West membership provides a vast number of opportunities for players working in both construction and development, encouraging them to come together and share best practice principles to drive real change,” adds Emma.

To find out more information about the Constructing South West membership and how your organisation can join, visit: