Crown Paints launches Exterior Colour Book

Crown Paints is continuing its focus on colour with the launch of a new Exterior Colour Book as an aid for specifiers and designers.

The Exterior Colour Book has been created by the Crown Paints Colour Service to provide guidance and inspiration for exterior decoration projects. The Colour Book includes details on Sandtex Trade, Crown Paints’ external substrate decoration and protection brand, as well as superior wood protection brand Sadolin.

When selecting a colour for exterior projects, personal preference is sometimes secondary to concerns such as impact on the local context and the relevant planning regulations. That’s why Crown’s Exterior Colour Book provides information about the built environment, covering topics such as historical styles, geology and local materials, regional colours and colour application.

As well as providing information about how colour interplays with the surrounding environment and architectural styles, the Exterior Colour Book includes details of how colour influences people’s sense of place and even their mood.

Commenting on the launch of the Exterior Colour Book, Kathryn Lloyd Crown Paints’ colour specialist, said: “The Colour Book is a helpful aid for any designers or specifiers tasked with decorating the exterior of buildings and outdoor environments who are looking for colour inspiration. But we know that exterior design goes beyond simple colour palettes to consider the context and history of the space.

“For example, using a bright saturated colour on a historic building can be jarring, while using darker colours on large solid structures can make them appear heavy or oppressive. Our Exterior Colour Book addresses all these issues and more, making it easier for specifiers to make a considered choice.”

Crown Paints’ Colour Services team is on hand to offer assistance and advice on all aspects of colour specification, including considerations about colour psychology, information on how to meet specific Building Regulations and the latest colour trends. As well as providing bespoke colour cards and a colour library the team can also guide specifiers through the process of devising individual colour schemes, using computer aided design where appropriate.

For more information and to request a copy of the new Crown Paints Exterior Colour Book, please visit