Debar employees offered internal apprenticeship opportunity

Leading bi-fold hardware manufacturer and supplier, Debar, has offered brand-new apprenticeship opportunities to existing members of its team.

Anthony Martin and Liam Scott, who have been a part of the Bradford-based firm for several years have been given the chance to learn a host of new skills while gaining real hands-on experience at the Debar headquarters.

Passionate about creating opportunities for current and new employees so that they can develop within the company and be set on the right track for the future means apprenticeships are a fantastic fit for Debar.

Anthony is currently working towards a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) through Bradford-based training provider Appris.

This is Anthony’s second apprenticeship, the first beginning when he was 18. “I worked in CNC (computer numerical controlled) machining with a previous employer,” he said. “From the age of 25 I wanted to do another apprenticeship, but I didn’t think I’d have a second chance.

“Debar agreed to take me on, which I’m grateful for, and it shows that apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers.

“My overall experience has been fantastic. The knowledge and skills I have gained with Debar and Appris have been exceptional and helped me to further my career in engineering.”

Liam however is studying a BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, discussing his experience he said: “Although it’s been a steep learning curve, I’m incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship.

“Debar has been so supportive throughout the whole process helping to make things much easier and I’ve actually enjoyed my day to day role much more as a result.”

Formed 15 years ago, Debar continues to enhance its already fantastic reputation for delivering the highest possible levels of quality, service, advice and guidance around bi-fold doors and hardware.

Peter Sutcliffe, Managing Director at Debar, said: “Providing apprenticeship opportunities for existing team members, like Anthony and Liam, means we can upskill others with a passion for this industry. It’s also a great way to encourage commitment, loyalty and dedication among our workforce.

“Through this apprenticeship programme, our aim is to secure the best new talent while continuing professional development for our existing employees, promoting job satisfaction and motivation which in turn increases productivity.”

Other skills Debar wishes to develop via its scheme include experience of working alongside colleagues at different levels, having the confidence to work under own initiative and collaborating with others on new tasks or projects.

Anthony added: “I would recommend an apprenticeship at Debar because of the help and support I’ve had, and the amount of progression gained. Debar also has a great pay scale and structure for the apprenticeship programme.”

Debar is currently looking for another apprentice and is also recruiting for a fabricator and Mechanical Maintenance Engineer so if you, or someone you know, could be interested in this incredible opportunity, get in touch with the team today. Email or call 01274 673 547.