Domestic lift reaches new heights

Offering building industry professionals the latest in domestic lift design, Stiltz Lifts has launched the new Stiltz Duo+ HomeLift.

The curved Stiltz Duo+ Home Lift has a compact footprint, clear car body and sleek warm grey aluminium finish which can compliment any style of décor in the home.

The lift is versatile and can be located almost anywhere in the home. The most popular configuration is hallway or lounge to upstairs bedroom, but the lift can be installed in the corner of a room or slot into the void of a turning staircase.

The Stiltz Duo+ HomeLift can also be completely disguised and travel from a downstairs cupboard space to an upstairs cupboard space.

The lift has a built-in drive system and plugs straight into a standard domestic power socket meaning it is energy efficient and quiet when in motion.

Thanks to its self-supporting structure, the Stiltz Duo+ HomeLift does not require load bearing walls. When the lift is stationery upstairs it leaves only two slim discreet rails which span ground floor to first floor ceiling. When the lift is downstairs a small section of upper level flooring, fixed to the lid of the lift, ensures that any flooring upstairs flows as normal.

Stiltz lifts are made up modular sections which allow for fast installation. Building work is minimal as the lift only requires a small opening to be made by a qualified builder. Stiltz engineers can have it operational within just one day for a standard retrofit application.

The Stiltz Duo+ HomeLift has a small footprint of less than one square metre, protecting valuable floor space, while allowing two passengers to travel side by side between floors in comfort in under 30 seconds.

The new Stiltz Duo+ HomeLift lift fully complies with BS EN 81-41 accreditation. For less mobile customers, Stiltz also offer the Stiltz Trio+ – a larger lift designed to comfortably carry a full-sized wheelchair or up to three people.