Effortless balustrade installation with Taper-Loc

Home modern style aluminum rail and tempered glass

For safe, mess-free installation of frameless glass balustrades and balconies, CRL Taper-Loc is a dry-glazed system, comprising a base shoe and optional handrail, negating the need for posts and tapping into the trend for minimal design. The base shoe can be surface, side-mounted or even installed inside the substrate, so tiles run up directly to the glass. The system can accommodate glass thicknesses from 17.52 to 25.52mm and is compliant with all major European standards including BS 6180:2011.

The patented horizontal Taper-Loc system means glass panels can be installed and removed within minutes, all from the ‘safe’ side of the balustrade with no requirement for scaffolding. Precision tension secures the glass in the aluminium base shoe without the use of cement. Using CRL’s exclusive TLK12 installation and removal tool, the Tapers simply slide horizontally in the base shoe before being compressed, where it expands and locks into place.