Engineered timber

Performance of Red Grandis, the 100% FSC certified hardwood available in the UK exclusively from Timbmet, has recently seen improvements following feedback from the product’s existing customer base.

Timbmet actively encourages engagement with its customers to ensure their needs are met and their opinions are taken into consideration in terms of product development and innovation. As a result, the company has made a number of enhancements – again exclusive to the UK market – to the Red Grandis TEC range (Timbmet Engineered Components), particularly within the window and door sector.

The key change is an adjustment to the moisture content. Red Grandis TEC has been reconditioned to suit the UK’s variable weather conditions, with supplier Urufor increasing the moisture content of the timber before it is shipped to the UK. These improved products are now available in the UK marketplace.

Thermal modification
Timbmet continually strives to develop its product range, and is soon to launch the next generation of Red Grandis. The new Thermally Modified Red Grandis is heat-treated to ensure stability and durability.

To give customers confidence in its quality and performance, Thermally Modified Red Grandis is currently undergoing TRADA’s intensive 20-week testing programme. This will assess the timber for: durability, movement, wear and slip resistance, hardness, lamination, coating performance, and resistance to iron stain and initial weathering. We are optimistic that the results will show a durability in excess of 50 years.

Available from the end of 2015 in both engineered and sawn timber variations, this highly versatile new modified timber is designed for a variety of installations, from decking and cladding to joinery applications.

Red Grandis background
Timbmet introduced Red Grandis to the UK in 2009 with a wide range of sawn timber and engineered products. Whilst other ‘grandis’ products are available on the market, they tend to be multi-species sourced from mixed eucalyptus.

Being a tried and tested single species, Red Grandis has been well recognised by the industry for its quality, performance and versatility. A plantation-grown red hardwood, this high grade, knot-free clear timber delivers consistency of appearance, grain and workability, and offers a sustainable alternative to Sapele or Meranti in the production of timber products. Available sawn or fully engineered, it offers a more durable timber and a better finish. It also meets the trade’s demand for high quality products at an affordable price, as well as products generated through a highly responsible sourcing and production process.

Red Grandis is most often used in the production of internal mouldings, including skirting, architrave and thresholds, furniture, cabinets and exterior cladding profiles, as well as external joinery for window and door frames.

Continuous supply
Timbmet sources Red Grandis from Uruguay-based Urufor, a company whose corporate mandate is to provide a high quality product based on sustainable forestry management. The result is a positive example of how a plantation-grown species with FSC Pure certification can benefit commercial customers, consumers and the planet in terms of sustainability, natural durability, ease of use and continuity of supply.

With an annual growth rate of 3.4 m in height and 25 mm in diameter, this red hardwood can grow up to 60 m tall, ensuring continuity of supply for years to come. On arrival in the UK, delivery is provided through Timbmet’s extensive network of distribution centres and regional depots, strategically positioned to deliver nationwide within 48 hours.