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The leading manufacturer of XPS wet room solutions is paving the way for a sustainable future, supporting its customers, partners and suppliers in the responsible use of energy and environmental resources while inspiring creative, functional bathroom design.

2023 marks not only the 40th anniversary of the brand’s foundation, but also several new product innovations by wedi.

1: Speed up installations with a prefabricated ready-to-fit shower module

This XPS innovation comes with factory installed Hansgrohe iBox and water pipes for faster and safer project completion. The new Sanwell shower wall module with its integrated, hot and cold-water pipes, iBox and reinforcements for the shower outlets, saves a great amount of time on the construction site while, due to the reduction of interfaces between different trades, achieves the highest level of system security providing peace of mind for all.

Main reasons to specify the new wedi shower wall module:

  • The integrated Hansgrohe iBox allows for 200+ thermostatic mixer designs
  • The module can be used as a fixed wall or as a free-standing partition
  • After simple set up and connection it is ready to be directly tiled
  • With all integrated components sealed, it is 100% waterproof
  • Available with a thickness of 80 or 100mm and with or without an integrated niche
  • Included technical components can be placed individually at the appropriate height
  • The height (2500mm) and width (900 or 1200mm) of the module can be simply adjusted on site

shows a part of the shower system

2: Innovative, quick-fit wet-room solution offers the highest level of watertightness

Timber floor walk-in shower installations just got a lot easier. Especially designed for flush installations in suspended timber floors the new wedi Fundo Ligno Plus can be effortlessly integrated into the existing wooden layer. It sits and fits flush with the existing wooden substrate without the need for laborious levelling measures. With its low outer edge thickness of just 23mm, 100% watertightness and reinforced drain area (accounting for the fall in the gradient), it offers unrivalled assurance about the ever moving, moisture-sensitive timber floor.

The Fundo Ligno Plus is manufactured with 100% green energy and at least 25% recycled XPS foam material. This latest product in the Fundo range is available with a matching, one-piece Fundo Top design surface made entirely of recycled material and coloured all the way through to prevent unsightly cut edges.

The Fundo Top is available in either a mineral or mineral-vinyl composite natural stone look and in colours Pure White, to match modern sanitaryware, Carbon Black, Sahara Beige, Concrete Grey and Stone Grey.

Main advantages at a glance:

  • It is directly tileable
  • A support plate on the underside reinforces the drain area
  • 360° dry-fit drain technology ensures precise connection of the drain
  • It combines with a matching, one-piece design surface

3: On-trend metallics bring a subtle sheen to wet rooms

Fundo drain covers are available in Metallic Black, Metallic Gold and Metallic Rose Gold finishes from June 2023. Inspired by the latest brassware trends, the existing stainless steel Fundo drain grids, channel covers and channel frames are enhanced with a PVD coat offering not only decorative but also functional advantages: utilising Physical Vapour Deposition technology typically associated with the aerospace and automotive industries, the new metallic drain covers combine high design standards and durability to bring a touch of glamour to bathrooms. They accentuate and enhance sustainable, reclaimed materials such as stone and wood or wedi Top design surfaces.

3 reasons to specify wedi metallic drain covers:

  • High-quality durable PVD coating
  • Outstanding colour quality and brilliance
  • Ideal match to stylish brassware collections

Shows a CGI version of the bottom of the shower

4: Illuminated design surface adds instant warmth and visual interest to bathrooms

The new Sanwell Top LED Niche with its illuminated design makes storage in the shower a real highlight. Thanks to the fully integrated and sealed mood lighting technology its installation is a breeze too. Perfectly matched to wedi XPS niche elements, the luminous Top design surface is available in carbon black, concrete grey, sahara beige or stone grey with a ‘natural stone’ texture and in pure ‘mineral’ white to match modern sanitary ware.

Main advantages at a glance:

  • Guaranteed IP67 rating
  • Made entirely of recycled materials
  • Grout-free design with antibacterial, low-maintenance surface
  • Simple and fast installation

Proud of its clever, performance-led product innovations that go beyond ‘just’ being functional, apart from directly tileable secure foundations, wedi now also offers a wide selection of durable and stylish, on-trend bathroom finishes.

Photo of a blue tiled one side of bathroom and white in the shower section